Cider Fest 2012

Every fall, we have a family cider-fest out at my father-in-law’s orchard in Eastern Washington. This year, our two day total press was somewhere around 60 gallons. We also made vats of apple sauce, a pot of apple butter, two large pans of apple crisp, and racks of dried apples.

I wasn’t able to do much myself this year due to all my injuries and ailments, but I was an awesome supervisor / official photographer. Reece and Lorelai more than made up for my slacking off. I was absolutely amazed at how long they kept at it in very chilly temps.

Below are some of the action shots.

First apples of the season dropping into the cider press with my sister-in-law Katy, her boyfriend Bill, and friends Mia and Chris

The first apples of the season to be juiced

Reece loading the press

Loading the press

Lorelai and Uncle Bill washing apples before they go to the press

Washing the apples prior to pressing

Reece sampling the good stuff right out of the bucket

My son sampling the good stuff

Friends Tracey and Dave picking (and eating right from the tree) with my Father-In-Law, Roger

Picking and Eating those Amazing Apples

How about them apples?

How absout them apples?

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