Weekend Flashback

Okay, brief summary of the weekend

Friday: Worked from home, took the kids to their 18 month checkup at the doctor, took them to city hall to apply for their passports, worked from home some more

Friday Night: Haircut for kids, watched ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. Not bad. Probably a good kids movie. Sometimes they translate well to adults. This one requires that you have maintained a bit of the child within.

Saturday: Starbucks, work a bit on a work project, off to a company picnic so my wife can meet all my coworkers. Kids do an excellent job of being their normal cute, but high-energy-selves. Return home, talk to my sister on the phone for an hour. Solved all her problems, I think. That’s what brothers do.

Saturday night: Watched ‘Death at a Funeral’. Dark British Comedy. I’ll give it 3.5 / 5 stars. Not bad. Laugh out loud moments, good acting, but not for everyone

Sunday: Starbucks, finally went out and bought a new office chair for at home. My old one was killing my back. This one is so much better, but I think I still need to tune it in some more. A lot of play time with the kids in the afternoon. Weeded the garden, cut the grass, talked to my folks on the phone. Tried to find a sandbox for the kids (everything around here is sold out for the year apparently).

Sunday night: Watched the video of the Last Lecture posted on my sisters blog ‘Eclecta’. Interesting and pretty amazing for a guy with so little time left to still be so happy. Inspiring really.

Finished one book this week for fun, and I wish it was. I got lured in by a display for a novel called ‘Endwar’ that made it seem that Tom Clancy had a new book out. What it really was (if you read the fine print), was this David Michaels guy writing an absolute stinker of a novel about a VIDEO GAME Tom Clancy’s company is producing. So horrible. Good thing it was a quick read, because the plot was paper thin, the characters lacked character, and the dialog atrocious. The only good thing about it was that it raised my belief that anyone (including me) can get published.

Anyway, the kids are doing great. A couple of scrapes and bruises from falls on concrete, but nothing they won’t recover from. I’ve been trying to get some better pictures, but nothing has turned out very well lately, so we’ll see what we can do this week.

By the way, does anyone have a recommendation for a service for web cam sharing for the grandparents to see the kids (and vice versa). Let me know.

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  1. Why not use Skype? We use it to keep in touch with my sister & her family, who are in Kentucky, as well as Ania's sisters, mom, and friends in Poland. It works pretty well!

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