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Monthly Archives: August 2008 I am amazed this hasn’t caught national attention yet? Where is the ACLU? Why aren’t they protesting this? This isn’t an immigration issue. It’s a constitutional issue. Just wow.

Today was the first day I drove to work since starting my job in January. That’s pretty much 5 days a week of riding public transit for 7 months (give or take a day or two for holidays and work from home. It’s 35 miles from door to door each way for me to work. That’s 70 miles a day. 350 miles a week. 26 weeks. 9100 miles. My truck gets about… Read More

Look at me! I’m blogging… from the train! I’m mobile now! Lookout world. Holy exclamation points, Batman. Okay, I got my new laptop half an hour ago and ran to catch the early train home so we can drive out to Eastern Washington tonight. Now I’m sitting here, hands on the keyboard of my new Toshiba Satellite U405-2854, wondering, so what else can this thing do?

A coworker and I were talking about now that the Olympics and the NFL Season are starting up, most of the American public will divert their attention from Barak O’McCainia to more of what they really care about. I said there is a reason why elections are held in November. People care about football and Christmas presents in Novemeber. But hold the election on April 15th each year (tax day), and see… Read More

Friday night we had our nanny come over for the evening. Lisa picked me up from work in downtown Seattle, and we had dinner at a wonderful little restaurant called The Palace Kitchen. Quite possibly the best ckicken I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of chicken in my life. Then we saw “The Dark Knight” (Aka Batman, again). A pretty good movie. Heath Ledger was great. I would have given… Read More

I don’t know who gets the credit for this one, but this is just great. “Science shouldn’t lie just to make you more comfortable. That’s religion’s job.”