Weekend Wrapup

Friday night we had our nanny come over for the evening. Lisa picked me up from work in downtown Seattle, and we had dinner at a wonderful little restaurant called The Palace Kitchen. Quite possibly the best ckicken I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of chicken in my life. Then we saw “The Dark Knight” (Aka Batman, again). A pretty good movie. Heath Ledger was great. I would have given the movie 5 stars, but I’ve found I don’t like Maggie Gyllenhal. She just annoys me.

Saturday, a morning Starbucks run, then assembled a new toy for the kids (photos in a bit). They absolutely loved it. Next, a sandbox is on order from Amazon. Lot of outdoor time. I also bought a big shade for the patio / sandbox so the kids can be out there without SPF 1000 every day.

Today was more backyard fun. There’s a lot of teething going on in the house right now, and Lorelai hasn’t been her cheery self quite as often as she used to be. Molars are painful, I guess.

The rest of my time I’ve spent looking for a new laptop computer. I’m currently leaning toward a Toshiba U405-S2833, with the thought that I could carry it to work each day without breaking my back, but I’m not sure I can justify the expense. What if I never use it? Anyway, I’ll stop writing now so I can try to post some pictures.

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