Oh yeah… the babies…

I figure most people will be coming here to read stuff about the babies.

Everyone is doing very well. We just started week 25. Lisa is getting rather large, but that’s a good thing. Everyone is happy and healthy. Lisa spends a lot of time rubbing her tummy and smiling, and I spend a lot of time with my ear to one side of the ‘bump’ or the other, listening for them, and talking to them. It’s pretty cool. Actually, it’s incredibly cool. I’ll talk to them for a bit, and then take a little break, and they’ll kick me, or start moving again. Then I’ll talk some more and they’ll kick me right in the ear. We think the boy was facing inwards until last Sunday night, because the girl was always so much more active, but I think the talking to him encouraged him to turn, and now he rivals his sister for activity.

What’s really interesting, is that they seem to sense which one I am talking to, and that one tends to respond most. It might be the proximity of the sound, but I like to think they are just smart. We listen to more classical music than we ever did before. It’s supposed to help with development.

We’re kind of in a lull in terms of getting ready for the big day (like it’ll last a day). The nursery just needs some organization, which we’ll do after the baby shower Lisa’s friend Stina is putting on this weekend. We’ve got a crib (one to start with), a dresser, 2 carseats, and a bunch of stuff people have already given us. Soon the house will be full o’ baby, but for now, we’re enjoying the experience.

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