Why Johnny can’t spell

I was doing a search on the Mark Twain book, The Prince and the Pauper, one of those classics I have never read, but might in the near future. I came across a site that discusses books in general, and allows people to put in their reviews. Now, I’m not the best typist in the world, so I understand a few typos, but the following review by an 8th grader just about made me weep.

DifferentWhen i was in year 5 (5th grade) we had to read this book, and i found it very very boring! The rest of my family however injoyed the book very much. I just coudent read it, i found it hard and boring. So i chetet by just watching the movie! Now i an in year 8 and resently i came acrosse the movie on tv, and i got verry in to it and now i am reading the book again and i absolutly love it. I think that it was a mistake of my teacher to make us read it so erly. Because now i see it as a grate book and i will read it again and again. To be honest i found Tom Sawyr much more boring! So maby if you dont like it now you should try to read it acouple years later and maby you will change your mind like i did!

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