Day 2

Where to go from here? I’ve been trying to figure that out. I’ll start simple.

Last book I read: Throne of Jade, by Naomi Novik. It’s the second book in a trilogy about what life during the Napoleonic Wars would have been like had there been dragons. It’s a fantasy novel, pretty light reading. It wasn’t as good as the first one in the trilogy, but not bad.

I’m currently reading the Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, which is very chicky, but funny at times. My wife read it, and thought I might find it funny. I am a little embarrassed to break it open on the train on the way to work in the mornings, so I try to keep it hidden in my knapsack.

The last book I read before the Throne of Jade, was Red Phoenix by Larry Bond, a cold war, Tom Clancy type novel about a second Korean War. I read this book 15 years ago when I was in college, and it was interesting to see how the world had changed (or not changed) since it was written in 1989. There were no references to Stealth fighters or stealth bombers, no M1A1 tanks or Stryker APVs or Tomahawk missiles. It is amazing to see what the US was actually able to keep out of the public eye in the runup to first Gulf War.

I also recently read Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, given to me by my sister. Interesting, if not depressing, book about two Native Canadians serving on the front lines in France during WWI. A highly different view of how the native were treated by Canada and the Hudson’s Bay Company. Different from what we had pounded into us repeatedly in history class in grade school. I guess the winners do write the text books.

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