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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ok. Finally. The launch date for Nowhere Home has been set. And it’s really close. Like today. Yes, that’s correct. TODAY! Or, if you’re not reading this moments after I’m posting it, that date is November 24th, 2017. Where can you get it? Right now, your best bet for the paperback is either on Amazon US or Amazon Canada. Independent bookstores can also order it (ISBN 978-1547059324). I’m trying to make it… Read More

I hate to keep doing this to you, but I swear, the publication date for Nowhere Home is getting really close. I’m just waiting for the Kindle Conversion to be complete, and then I will set a date. Hopefully within the next two weeks! To prove it, here are some pictures: The first two are the front and back cover (which very few people have seen at this point!) And here is… Read More