The Music of My Life, Part II

Last week, I started a new series of posts on the most important music in my life. This entry stays in the 1980’s and sits on the line between pop and rock, which is pretty much where I spent many of my formative years.

Being a teenager in the ‘80’s meant I have fond memories of the bands with big hair. And none was bigger that Bon Jovi. I’ve listened to the album Slippery When Wet thousands of times over the years, and that’s not an exaggeration. I had the cassette in my stereo at home, and every night, before going to bed, I’d flip it over and turn it on. That sounds ridiculous, but it eventually acted as a switch, and I could be asleep before the end of the first song.

My favorite song on the album has always been Wanted, Dead or Alive. When Discovery Channel started using it for Deadliest Catch, I thought it fit perfectly. It was also used during the closing credits in the Don Johnson / Mickey Rourke movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. My roommate back in college once said it was impossible not to see the end of that movie, and listen to that song, and not want to go out and buy a motorcycle and hit the open road.

So here’s your musical interlude for the day. Don’t blame me if you feel the need to go crab fishing in the arctic, or find yourself buying a motorcycle this afternoon. Me… I may just be napping in my office chair.

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