2012 In the Rearview Mirror

When I think back on 2012 in a few years, three letters will standout: G B S . Everything else that happened in 2012 revolved around my struggle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome which started on February 1. Other things did happen, but, with the exception of one other very big event (my book deal), they are all overshadowed by the hospitalization due to, and resulting recovery from, GBS.

Here are, by month, some of the more important blog entries from 2012:

2012 was not a lost year. Sure, I would have preferred to have never heard of GBS. But it has brought things into my life I might have missed out on, had I never heard those three letters. I got my book deal because I was forced to take my time doing the edit on Nowhere Wild. I spent much more time with my kids in 2012 than the year before because I was home so much. I wasn’t able to do much, but sometimes just being there is better than not. I would never have thought of starting my own business had I been able to keep working a regular job with regular hours.

Who knows what good things might have happened in 2012 had I not gotten sick. Maybe I still would have gotten the book deal. I sure would have made a lot more money. Maybe we would have taken more vacations. Maybe I would have written two more books. Or maybe not. We’ll never know.

Either way, I’m crossing my fingers that 2013 is the year that no one in my family (and in yours), has to deal with any kind of major illness, injury or loss. My 2012 is not a year I would want anyone to have to duplicate.

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