The Ice Storm Cometh

Yesterday, the weather turned a little bit nasty around the Pacific Northwest. Snomageddon 2012, Part Deux. Five inches of wet snow, followed by a few hours of cold rain / sleet, then by a few hours of freezing rain and dropping temperatures. Our power went out in the middle of dinner last night, and came back on at 1:30 AM. We camped out in front of the gas fireplace to keep warm as temps dropped into the 20’s.

The damage this morning isn’t too bad yet, though one of my neighbors lost an entire row of trees along the back of their property (or will have to cut them down.)


Compare that with how these same trees looked a earlier this month.


This is what the street looks like this morning. Everything is covered in 1/4”+ of ice.


And our poor Japanese maple at the corner of our house. Yesterday, this tree was 12’ tall.


Here’s my son earning his keep yesterday.


And my daughter about to get into a bit of trouble with Mommy.


Today, I am working from home. The office is closed.

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