Time Well-Rationed

I skipped a week or two of status updates on my GBS Syndrome, and now it feels like I’m not doing any blogging. Perhaps, to the outsider, it looks like I’m not doing anything.

Au-contraire, mon ami.

I’ve actually been doing a lot more the last week or so. A lot more than I have since being diagnosed with GBS, anyway.

Work-wise, I crossed the 20 hour mark last week, and, should everything be okay, I’ll be around 25 hours this week coming up. I do have to go into the office at least once, and I may have a client meeting. Both of those activities cut down on my actual working hours since it takes energy to commute. I’ll be happy if I do all that and work between 23-25 hours this week.

I felt better this Friday night than I have in weeks, which meant I didn’t push so hard during the week that I was broken by Friday night. It also meant I didn’t have to spend the whole weekend trying to catch up on rest. I was able to get out and watch my kids’ first gymnastics lesson, and I spent part of the afternoon pulling a few weeds in the flower beds with the kids. I wasn’t out there more than half an hour, but it was the first true, physical activity I’ve had in weeks. I’m feeling it a bit today, but not too bad.

I’ve also been rationing my spare time at the computer in an effort to get back to writing, or more correctly, editing. I’m making a major pass on The Forgotten Road / Nowhere Wild. It’ll be a couple more weeks before this pass is done, but at least I am making progress, something I’ve been sorely lacking these last two months.

I haven’t yet started reading for enjoyment yet. I did get new glasses a couple of weeks ago, and those make it much easier to work at the computer, but I’m still trying not to push my eyes too far. Reading seems like it will be one of the last things I get to reintegrate into my life. I miss it, and I really want to resume writing reviews, but some things have to suffer for the greater good.

I am still watching movies and television, but not nearly at the clip I was a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching a lot of the TED conference clips on NetFlix Instant Watch. They’re great when you only have 20 minutes, and want something that you don’t have to worry about the kids seeing. Often, the kids will watch with me, and though they don’t understand all of it, I hope they are picking some good things out of it.

The return of baseball means I have that to watch or listen to as well. I’ve been doing that a good chunk of the day as the Tigers-Sox game almost crossed the 5 hour mark.

So, anyway, all good news this week. One week at a time now, which is better than 1 hour at a time 8 weeks ago, and better than 1 day at a time 3 weeks ago. Soon, hopefully, this will all be a distant memory, and life will be normal.

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