Falling Behind on My Reading List

Last year, when I was laid up with foot surgery, I really caught up on my reading. For the last few months though, I haven’t been able to do much reading, but I haven’t completely been able to stop the books (and periodicals) from coming in. I also haven’t been able to stop my wife from reading, so there are probably a ton of books on my wife’s Kindle that I haven’t read as well. 

Here’s a quick picture of my current shelf. Of course I can’t take a picture of all the books on the Kindle, nor have I really looked, but I’ve seen the frequent charges to our Amazon account, so I anticipate a bit of a shock when I finally do chance a gander.


One Comment on “Falling Behind on My Reading List

  1. “Chance a gander” — love that phrase! Happy reading (or anticipation thereof)!

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