How Doth My Garden Grow?

Very well, thank you very much. While the rest of the country is pre-grilling their veggies before they even get picked, the Pacific Northwest has been serving up a spring growing season like I have never before seen.

We’ve been eating lettuce and radishes for a few weeks now. Since I’ve been working from home so much, I often step outside just before lunch or dinner, cut off a few handfuls of lettuce, and add that to my meal.

Garden 001

The peas (on the left against the fence in the picture below) were the only plants that haven’t done really well. We planted our first carrots a little too deep, but a second planting is doing much better. The pole beans against the fence look really good too. By August, we’ll be drowning in them.

Garden 002

Last year, most of our tomatoes got wiped out by cold, wet weather. This year, I think they have plans on growing legs and attacking us while we sleep.

Garden 004

I just wish I had just a little more energy to help keep the weeds down. We have a particularly annoying little creeper vine with huge root systems that takes over the garden when you’re not looking. I hit it with vinegar in the spring, and thought I had killed it all, but I don’t think the vinegar form of weed control really kills roots, just the tops of the weeds. Or perhaps there were just a lot of seeds left in the ground that hadn’t germinated yet when I sprayed. I’m trying to keep the garden organic this year. I don’t think it’s that hard if you have the time and energy to pull weeds once a week. But I won’t know for sure until I get all my energy back.

Anyway, this, combined with my Terra-Organics orders are keeping us filled with very fresh produce this year.

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