Status Update

First, I want to say thank you to all those who have offered support over the last few days. It has meant so much to know that my wife has had so much help, and that takes a great deal of worry off my mind.

I am still in the hospital, but was upgraded to stable condition on Saturday night, and if all goes well, I should be going home late this afternoon.

Unfortunately, going home doesn’t mean I am healthy yet. Numbness still affects my legs and hands and face, and I’m having severe issues with my vision, especially inside of 4 feet. I can see, but it is blurry, and my eye muscles are constantly straining to focus. All of that should eventually come back to normal, but it may be a while before it does.

I had never heard of Guillan-Barre before last week (I have the Miller-Fisher variant), but I’ve been told many times now how important it was for me to get into the hospital when I did. Coming in a day later could have put me on a respirator and made me temporarily quadraplegic. GB is scary stuff. I can’t stress enough that if you start getting these symptoms that you should get to the ER immediately.

I’ll update again as energy permits later this week.

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