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Today, though I was fighting the remains of the cold / flu that wiped me out most of last week, started off well enough. I actually got on the train and went to work, which meant I was able to return to my regular writing schedule. I opened my laptop to the place I left off last Monday, and resumed planning my next novel. I have the beginning, and I have the… Read More

In March of 2000, I bought a brand-new Nissan XTerra. In the last almost-12 years, I’ve put on just over 104,000 miles, driving mainly back and forth to work. For a 12 year old vehicle, it doesn’t look too bad. Back in my single-man days, I drove it on short trips into the wilds of Western Washington and Western Oregon to go hiking and a couple of times, to go kayaking.  When… Read More

Yes. I’ve missed my update today, and likely won’t have one tomorrow. Fighting some kind of alien flu bug that refuses to die unless it takes me with it. I hope to return to abnormal blogging by Sunday.

Starman Jones by Robert Heinlein is one of those books I really wish I had read as a kid. In fact, I’m shocked that I hadn’t, and appalled that until a few years ago, I really didn’t know too much about Robert Heinlein and his place in science fiction history. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve read very few books by Heinlein, and now, here in my early-forties, I am trying to rectify… Read More

I finished the import of the blog entries from my old blog today, and completed categorizing them. All of them are in the category “Cranium Outpost Import” (which you can see on the right-hand sidebar of this site), though they may be included in many other categories as well. By and large, most of them are about my family and cover the time where my wife and I were preparing for the… Read More

Last week, I got an email from a reader of my blog, asking if I would be interested in ghostwriting his memoirs. I had to read the message twice. Actually, I probably read it a dozen times before I responded. And I sat with it there in my inbox for most of the day before I typed up a reply. Life has a funny way of throwing you a curve-ball when you… Read More

Today, I imported all of my blog entries from my old blogging site I started that blog back in 2006, and then moved around a bit as I tried new technologies back in 2009/2010. Originally, I wasn’t going to go through the trouble to do the consolidation, but I realized that a) my OCD wasn’t going to let me off that easy, b) I want one place people can go to… Read More

I wandered around the neighborhood this afternoon in the rain, and took some more pictures of yesterday’s ice storm.  We also drove though the older part of town, and trees two feet in diameter were cracked in half there. I don’t know that the pictures can even to this storm justice. It’ll be years before the city looks the same. And a couple of artsy shots. Realize that it’s been raining (not… Read More

The ice wins.

Yesterday, the weather turned a little bit nasty around the Pacific Northwest. Snomageddon 2012, Part Deux. Five inches of wet snow, followed by a few hours of cold rain / sleet, then by a few hours of freezing rain and dropping temperatures. Our power went out in the middle of dinner last night, and came back on at 1:30 AM. We camped out in front of the gas fireplace to keep warm… Read More