A Little Redecorating

I finished the import of the blog entries from my old blog today, and completed categorizing them. All of them are in the category “Cranium Outpost Import” (which you can see on the right-hand sidebar of this site), though they may be included in many other categories as well. By and large, most of them are about my family and cover the time where my wife and I were preparing for the birth of our twins, and through the first few years of their lives.

You’ll notice a pretty distinct difference between those blog entries, and the ones I create now. Back then, I was blogging mainly for my friends and family, and the entries are usually quite personal. They are also very likely to cover many different topics in a single entry, so it is hard to classify them just as “Book Reviews” or “Family”. There’s a little of everything in each entry. As blogging has changed from a communication tool for my family, to a more professional component of my writing platform, I learned that each blog entry should be a single topic. I highly recommend to new bloggers that you refrain from massive mind-dump entries, and use smaller, more targeted (and more frequent) entries. Of course, during those first few months with twins, you take time when you get it and write until the kids wake up. Learning how to schedule a post for publication is an essential skill for those of us who write in spurts.

As I said previously, I originally wasn’t going to include these entries in this site. The writing and the message aren’t in sync with what I am doing now. On CraniumOutpost, when I did stray from family updates, my opinion pieces were more rants than op-eds. The writing wasn’t very good or consistent, and as I read back through some of them this weekend, I had difficu1lty remembering exactly where I was emotionally when I wrote them. Still, they make for interesting reading in terms of showing my development as a blogger, a writer, and a father, and I wanted everything under one roof.

So feel free to tour back through the archives, all the way back to that first entry entitled “A New Beginning” where I first launched my blogging career on November 13, 2006. Some of the blogs are irrelevant now, but some are still worth reading. Let me know if you find anything broken, or anything that you want to know more about.

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