Book Review; Cut, Paste, Kill by Marshall Karp


Cut, Paste, Kill is the fourth book in Marshall Karp’s Lomax and Biggs series. My wife and I have read the other three, we really looked forward to this new one when we heard it was coming out.

Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are police detectives in Hollywood, where even the murder scenes of their latest case have special effects. Okay, not special effects so much, as bizarre clues… mementos left by a serial killer, detailing all the evil perpetrated by the victims. Yes, this mastermind is a murderer, but they are a murderer with a vengeance complex, and a talent for making beautiful scrap books.

If you like funny, easy to read mysteries, this is a pretty good tale. It’s a touch more serious than the Spellman Files that I reviewed recently, and a pretty substantial step up from Stephanie Plum. But it’s not Sherlock Holmes. There are a couple of sub plots that seem to just be filler, but they’re funny, and they appear to be set ups for the next book, so they’re not causing any issues.

I did like the previous three books in this series a little bit better, but this one is still good. It’s just not quite as good. Again, like the The Spellmans Strike Again, it may be series fatigue. The characters are easy to like, and most of the crises in their lives have already been solved, so the new ones have to be self-inflicted / contrived.

Cut, Paste, Kill is any easy read you can sit down with on a nice summer day and get lost in, and that worked just fine with me this weekend.

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