A New / Old Short Story

Back in 1997 I was living in Colorado, and I routinely drove from Boulder to to Westminster, a short trip that involved a rather notorious interchange. At certain times of the year, drivers coming off this particular off ramp had to stare directly into the setting sun while attempting a rather difficult merge with heavy, fast moving traffic.

That interchange inspired me to write a short story I called Off Ramp, which I just added to my site so you can now read. I believe they’ve re-built the interchange since I left Colorado in 1999, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who hated that merge.

I hadn’t really thought about this story until this last week, when I read Nathan Everett’s tale of nearly getting into an accident on his book tour, in the same place he had an accident some thirty years before.

Life imitating art? I hope not. For Nathan’s sake at least.

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