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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim is one hell of a book. Literally. The kind of book where Lucifer is a character, and life ‘Downtown’ is something the main character, James Starks, doesn’t worry about.  He misses it. Life in Hell was simple for Starks.  Then he escaped back to Los Angeles; a place that rivals hell for creating one shit-storm of violence and dark magic after another.  Now, caught in a battle between… Read More

I find it a little funny that I am writing this blog entry as I procrastinate from actually working on my next book.  When I’m really in the writing mode, I get up early, shower, head straight downstairs, don’t look at email, don’t read twitter and don’t surf the web.  I knew as soon as I sat down this morning that I was in full procrastination mode.  I’ve checked email, surfed the… Read More

Yes, I am back to writing.  I wrote about 3000 words this week, which isn’t a heck of a lot, but when I did write, the sessions were very productive.  I’ve been bouncing in and out of my latest novel Labeled now since January 2, and though it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten any traction, I am over 13,000 words total.  When I do sit down, the words come with amazing ease…. Read More

My wife picked up Graceling by Kristin Cashore on the recommendation from @Sundry, someone I follow on Twitter and who’s blog we have read for over five years now.  I like to give credit where credit is due, and since I really did love this book, a hearty “Thank You” goes out to Linda for her recommendation. Graceling is set in the world of The Seven Kingdoms.  It’s a medieval world filled… Read More

One of the things I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks is a marketing plan.  I’m still in the earliest days of that, but beyond setting up this blog (which if you go back to my Cranium Outpost days I’ve been blogging on since 2006), and Twittering, there’s not a lot an author can do to attract interest without actually publishing something. But one of the things I did want… Read More

My writing updates lately have been a victim of events in my life.  In my last update, I lamented how I was falling behind because my kids were sick and I had just had a bunch of dental work done.  Well a day later, I got the nasty bug, and that floored me for almost a week.  Of course, I had the MAN version of this bug, which isn’t to say that… Read More

I’m usually pretty careful about picking up books and making sure that I start from the beginning of a series.  Usually.  But I read a review of Ghost Country on a web site somewhere (I think it was mentioned on John Scalzi’s blog a while ago), and I put it onto my Amazon Wish List, and then one day added it to my cart.  Next thing I know, I’m a ways into… Read More