Writing Update–March 26th, 2011

I find it a little funny that I am writing this blog entry as I procrastinate from actually working on my next book.  When I’m really in the writing mode, I get up early, shower, head straight downstairs, don’t look at email, don’t read twitter and don’t surf the web.  I knew as soon as I sat down this morning that I was in full procrastination mode.  I’ve checked email, surfed the web, tried to fix a problem on my computer, read twitter and tweeted a few times.  And now I’m writing a blog entry about blogging about procrastinating.  Yikes.

I’ve got a lot of time to write these days.  Far more time than normal.  No, I didn’t quit my day job (or lose it).  I had some surgery done on my left foot on Wednesday, and I’m going to be hobbling around for the next 6-8 weeks.  So far, hobbling has meant sitting on the couch with my foot up, or sitting at my desk with my foot up, or lying in bed with my foot up.  I can move pretty well on crutches, and the pain is definitely better today than it was on Wednesday-Thursday, during  which time I was popping Oxycodone every 3 hours and trying to balance the nausea it induced with the burning pain in my foot.  It seemed like that 24 hour period was actually two days long, and everything is a little fuzzy.  Now, Tylenol seems to be doing the job, and I’m very glad for that.  But I won’t be running any races, or cutting the grass, or painting in the next few weeks.  I do have to work from home for my regular job, but I won’t have to commute, or even get dressed if I don’t want to.  (Yay, time savings!)  So I’m hoping to write, a lot.  Ideally, I should be able to finish the first draft of my next book.  But that means I have to stop procrastinating.  What a vicious little circle.

Before my surgery I did get some writing done.  My current work in progress is over 16000 words now, which means I added about 3000 words in the two days I did write.  I also did one very short editing pass on Army of the Risen to fix some typos my wife found while doing a re-read. 

So anyway, hopefully I’ll get some serious traction this week on the next story.  We’ll see.

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