A new beginning

So I had a blog for a while, and I quickly got tired of it, because I was just using it to vent, with the idea that no one would ever read it (I hoped). Lately, I’ve realized I actually want people to ready what I write, and more over, I want people I know to read what I write.

So I deleted my old blog, and started a new one. Why Cranium Outpost? Well I couldn’t think of anything else. Cranium just popped into my head, and Outpost came from a book I have on my book shelf that is a reference guide to an old computer game name “Outpost” by Bruce Balfour. It’s amazing that every other name I could think of was already taken by someone else, not that they all have content (I checked some of them), or that they have been updated since 2001, but they still own the blog.

They say thousands of blogs are created every day, but only a few are active. I’m hoping to keep it active, and to keep it updated. I think I’ll have a lot of good material coming shortly. My wife is due to have twins in February, so in addition to my thoughts on life, sports, music and politics, I’m hoping to keep everyone up to date with family stuff.

Anyway, before I go too much farther, I must format. We all know a web site with a sucky format, well, sucks. Let me know what you think.

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