Joe Beernink


Everwild is the second book in the Skinjacker Trilogy by Neal Shusterman, following Everlost, which I reviewed in November of 2012. It continues the story of the children who, when they die, are diverted from moving to whatever may come, and are stuck in the purgatory of Everlost. In Everwild, the battle with the McGill is over, and Mary Hightower has lost her flock. But she is determined to rebuild it, and… Read More

What happens when you die? In Neal Shusterman’s Everlost, if you’re an adult, and you know where you are going, you get there. If you’re a child, and either don’t know where you are going, or somehow get bumped off track on the way there, you end up in Everlost—a place where the souls of children children drift and slowly forget who they were. Everlost is the first book in the Skinjacker… Read More