PNWA Conference 2014 Day Two

It’s seems like just a couple of hours ago we were sitting at tables in the main conference room listening to Jim Rollins’ excellent  keynote speech. I arrived home last night, completely exhausted and climbed straight into bed. Morning came too early.

Highlights from yesterday include having dinner with Jason Black where we talked about the plots for our next books, meeting fellow soon-to-be-published author Andie Newton, and hearing about self-publishing through

I’ve got a bit of conference throat going on today… a deep, sexy, gravelly sound that starts somewhere in my chest and escapes as a whisper (and a whimper if I try to project my voice too much). Part of that has to do with a shot to the Adam’s Apple I took yesterday when I bent down to pick up my son to give him a hug and he jumped at the same time, embedding his shoulder deep into my windpipe. I’ll drink a lot of tea today and try to do more listening than talking.

I’m looking forward today to meeting up with Rachel Letofsky from the Cooke Agency (who represents me) to catch up with everything going on in Toronto.

Anyway, time to pay attention to what’s going on around me.

Again, say hi if you see me around.

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