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Monthly Archives: December 2013

While 2012 was a year dominated by my recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, 2013 was more of a transition year. It was the year I learned how to live with GBS and its lasting effects, and got back to living. The biggest thing that happened in 2013 was returning to work, which I did in early April after taking a few months off to complete my recovery and to try to find alternate… Read More

I’ve had Jason Aldean’s song Night Train running on repeat in my head today. The video isn’t great—they missed an incredible opportunity to put a story video together—but the song  is just working for me. Makes me want to get in my car and just drive. When you listen to it, turn it way up. Enjoy!

To all my friends and family out there, and to all who have come across this blog because they suffer from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with joy, love and hope! I’ll be spending the day relaxing, finishing a jigsaw puzzle, watching a movie with the kids… and replacing the kitchen faucet which has decided to spray water across the counter top instead of into the sink. Peace!

So on the last day of school before a 16 day Christmas break, it snows half an inch… and school is canceled. My daughter has been outside since before the sun came up, playing in the snow. My son comes in every few minutes complaining about the cold and that people are throwing snowballs at him. I have no idea why they would be throwing snowballs at him. Ahem. The snow has… Read More

As you might suspect from my last posting, my Guillain Barre Syndrome was the least of my problems in November. Okay, well not the least of my problems, but much lower on my list than hauling around a broken foot. I did have a follow up with my orthopedist this morning, and had x-rays done of my foot. It is healing, and I can now stop wearing the big air-cast, and fall… Read More