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Monthly Archives: November 2013

So yesterday, I picked up a box off the kitchen table, and turned to head to the garage. To be more precise, my body, (and the box, which was quite heavy) turned. Alas my shoe, one of those horrible looking, but strangely comfortable, Crocs, did not. My right foot flipped sideways, and I landed on the floor with a crash, and in considerable pain. But being the tough guy that I am,… Read More

Every fall I wait for this tree in our backyard to change its color, and every year, it does not disappoint. Enjoy!

By any measurement,  October was my best month of recovery since this long battle with GBS began. Rarely did I experience any of the numbness that has plagued me for nearly two years. My energy was, for the most part, better. I was able to participate in some of the family events, like making apple cider at the in-laws last weekend—something I haven’t been able to do for the past two years… Read More