A Change of Plans

Today, I was scheduled to be on a panel at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, but alas, I’ve been fighting a stomach bug of some sorts for the last three days, and will be unable to attend. Sally Harding, Rachel Letofsky and Kat Richardson will still be there for the panel, so I doubt my non-presence will affect the discussion much. But still, I do apologize for not being there.

I’m greatly disappointed at not being able to attend the conference for even a few minutes this year. It’s always an energizing experience, and without it, there’s a gaping hole in my summer. I missed last year’s conference due to my Guillain-Barre Syndrome, but I was at least able to stop by and have dinner with Sally and Rachel. That really helped with both my enthusiasm for writing, and with my personal outlook on life.

I have been able to follow the Twitter updates from PNWA. That helps, though it does make me a bit jealous. I’m trying not to be all ‘woe is me’ about it. Stuff happens. But dang it, someone needs to develop some nanotech soon that I can take to just fix all the crap that seems to go wrong at the worst possible time.

I hope everyone has a good conference this year, and I’ll see you all there next year. For sure.

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