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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Today, I was scheduled to be on a panel at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, but alas, I’ve been fighting a stomach bug of some sorts for the last three days, and will be unable to attend. Sally Harding, Rachel Letofsky and Kat Richardson will still be there for the panel, so I doubt my non-presence will affect the discussion much. But still, I do apologize for not being there. I’m… Read More

Just a reminder that I’ll be at the 2013 PNWA Conference starting Thursday of this week. Unfortunately, I won’t be there until Thursday evening as I have to work at my day job first, but I’ll be in attendance all day Friday and Saturday. I’ll be moderating a session on Friday and another on Saturday, and appearing on my first ever panel at 4:00pm on Saturday with Sally Harding, Rachel Letofsky and… Read More

Everyone remembers their first baseball game. I played left field in my first game when I was a kid. Jimmy Durfy hit a rocket to me. It bounced once, took a bad hop, and hit me square in the teeth, putting two of them through my lower lip. I played with Jimmy on other teams for years after that, but I don’t think I every truly forgave him… like it was his… Read More

Last weekend my wife had her family reunion in Cle Elum, Washington at the Flying Horseshoe Ranch. We stayed in old-fashioned bunk houses at night, ate breakfast lunch and dinner in a chow-hall, and the kids got to get up on horses for the first time. Here’s Reece having a good time on Rosie, the horse,   and then Lorelai getting her turn on Rosie as well. They both stayed within the… Read More

A year ago yesterday, we officially hooked up our solar panels to “The Grid”. As of this morning, we’ve produced 2559 kWh of power. From a production credit standpoint, at $0.549 / kWh, this adds up to a nice little check of $1405.33, give or take a few bucks. This is right in line with the $1353 I had hoped to get when I ran the numbers last year. That money will… Read More

If you’re checking in for my monthly update on my recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, you’re in the right place. Today marks the 17 month-mark in my journey. 17 months ago I was laid out in a hospital bed with little-to-no feeling in my arms, legs, face or hands, and worried if I was going to be like that the rest of my life. Yesterday I played catch with my son at the… Read More