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Monthly Archives: February 2013

I started watching football all the way back in 1979, when I was 8 years old, and stuck in a  wheelchair for six weeks while recovering from fairly major foot surgery on both feet. I didn’t have a ‘team’ back in those early days. We watched a lot of the Dallas Cowboys (with Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones, and Randy White and Tony Dorsett) and Los Angeles Rams (with Jack Youngblood and Vince… Read More

…is getting new glasses. The Old Me has on frames I bought probably ten years ago. The lenses have been updated a few times, but I decided this time it made more sense to get new frames at the same time I was upgrading my prescription (Cost-wise it was $30, but I’d be without my old glasses for a week, which I couldn’t afford). The New Me is sporting much lighter frames…. Read More

A year ago today, on what was supposed to be an ordinary Wednesday morning, I felt the first indications that something was wrong. My lips and my fingertips had gone numb. At that time, I shook it off as a bad night of sleep. Little did I know that 24 hours later, I’d be in the hospital emergency room, or that 36 hours later, I’d be in critical care, or that 365… Read More