The Key to Looking Better

…is getting new glasses.

The Old Me has on frames I bought probably ten years ago. The lenses have been updated a few times, but I decided this time it made more sense to get new frames at the same time I was upgrading my prescription (Cost-wise it was $30, but I’d be without my old glasses for a week, which I couldn’t afford).

The Old Me

The New Me is sporting much lighter frames. I have to be careful with these glasses though, as things are much farther away than they appear. The mesh in the window screen in my office appears to be big enough, when viewed with this magnification, to fit a dragon through.

I haven’t figured out yet if the new prescription is working correctly for me or not. My eyes were pretty sore by the end of yesterday, but I spent most of the day on the computer, not reading. I think the new glasses may be better for reading than computer work. I can almost see individual pixels with these things on, and that doesn’t feel quite right. We’ll see. (ahem).

The New Me

One Comment on “The Key to Looking Better

  1. I like the new glasses, Joe, but now it’s time to do something about that shirt! (just sayin’)

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