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Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

My wife recently began having problem with her iPhone 3GS. It would shut off while connected to the Bluetooth system in our car, and the only way it would turn back on was if she plugged it in to a wall outlet. She’s on her phone a lot as part of her job, and without a reliable phone, she’s kinda SOL. We’ve both had our 3GS’s for about three and a half… Read More

I stumbled around a bit in my December TV watching. I went on a Mad Men binge, but may have worn myself out on the exploits of Don Draper at this point. I didn’t watch any through the 11 day Christmas break. I saw one yesterday and was a little ‘meh’ on the whole thing. Maybe I just need to get back into it again. My wife and I continue to enjoy… Read More