Hobbling around

About five weeks ago, I tripped and hurt my right foot. I had x-rays done the next day, and nothing really showed up. We thought it might be a sprain. Last week, with the pain still bad enough that I couldn’t walk barefoot across a wood floor, or walk to the mailbox with a shoe on, we did another set of x-rays. Those were also inconclusive.

Fearing I had torn the flexor tendon in my big toe, my podiatrist recommended that I have an MRI done, which I had last Thursday. This led to a weekend of concern that I might be in need of ‘another’ surgery, which my wife deemed unacceptable. See, I had two surgeries on my feet in 2011, GBS this year, and a minor foot surgery at the beginning of October this year. That’s enough. She’s tired of me being hurt. I don’t blame her. I’m tired of it, too. I don’t want to be anywhere near another hospital for a very long time.

Well, the results of the MRI came back today. Thankfully, no torn tendon. What I do have, is two fractures in my big toe—one in the first knuckle, and the second a green-stick fracture between the first and second knuckle.

Prognosis? 6-10 more weeks of hobbling around with a post-op shoe on my foot, and my big toe splinted to the second toe. Not ideal, but at least there’s no surgery involved, and I can do what I can do now, except the less I do, the sooner it will heal.

So you won’t see me out dancing or running the Seattle Marathon this weekend (or ever on the latter). I’m just going to sit here and write, and read, and watch movies. Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 10 months anyway.

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