Just sitting around

Yes, I am just sitting around these days, doing pretty much nothing but working through my Netflix queue and my bookshelf. I had the second of two surgeries for the year last week, and as required by my doctors, I’ve been keeping my foot elevated, and staying off it as much as possible.  I’m off the pain killers now, so that’s a good thing. Hope to be back to writing/editing tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

I learned last time I had surgery that pushing it too early was both bad for my body and my writing, so I’m doing everything I can to stay sane until I can sit for more than 15 minutes with my foot down without feeling like someone has tied an anvil to my arch.

So anyway, I’ll see you in a couple more days with a book review or two. Till then, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and relatives, and Happy Columbus Day to my American compatriots.

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