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Monthly Archives: November 2011

No too long ago, I raved about C.C. Humphrey’s book, A Place Called Armageddon. At the risk of becoming repetitive, here we go again – another C.C. Humphries book set in the dark times of the mid-1400’s, another book worthy of the term ‘Historical Literature’, and another book that deserves critical acclaim for its prose. An oh… the single most disturbing scene I have ever read in my life – two paragraphs… Read More

I’ve reached that point in my recovery from surgery where things are starting to get back to normal… at least in the respect that I’m now expected to get my own cup of tea and the kids are no longer giving me the benefit of the doubt when I say “Daddy’s recovering. He needs quiet time.” I’m also at that point where I can drive in to work a couple of days… Read More

I purchased Motorbikes & Murder at the PNWA Conference in the summer of 2011, after meeting the author, A.C. Christensen. The plot centers around a female ex-Marine named Mackenzie Merrywood who is riding her motorcycle around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, bound for California. She meets up with a group of female bikers and though she is seeking the isolation and solitude of riding the open road by herself, joins up… Read More

I usually don’t review books I read that I have read before, so this isn’t so much of a review as a gushing recommendation. If you haven’t read Stuart Woods’ book Chiefs, you really, really should. The story is a complex, multi-generational tale of 3 police chiefs in the town of Delano, Georgia from 1920 through 1962. In 1920, Delano is a new planned town, in the heart of the old south,… Read More