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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Officially, I’m not writing anything right now. As in, I have no new novel in the works, nor am I working page-by-page through an edit of an existing novel. A couple of weeks ago I finished a pass through one of my books and sent it out to the first of my reviewers. It’ll make it’s rounds through my circle of editors, then come back to me, and I will do at… Read More

I don’t read much middle grade fiction anymore. I read Gregor The Overlander by Susan Collins last year, and Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat, Middle grade fiction is a hard read for an adult. Young Adult Fiction these days is basically a book written for adults, but with teenage protagonists. I’m probably over-simplifying that a bit, but not a lot. Middle grade fiction is a different beast altogether. The reading… Read More

Today, something a little different: a guest blogger!  A few weeks ago, I reviewed The Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett. Nathan is currently crisscrossing the United States on a book tour, while simultaneously crisscrossing the blog-o-sphere doing a blog tour. Today, Nathan drops by my little corner of the internet, and talks about the ‘where things happen’ of story telling.  Enjoy! Some 30 years ago, my mother was my only fan. She… Read More

Back in the summer of 1998, I was living in Colorado. I had no air conditioning, so I often spent Saturday afternoons at the movie theatres. One particular afternoon, I watched Saving Private Ryan. I walked out of that theatre, back into the blazing afternoon sun along with a large crowd of gob-smacked people, and wondered if any other movie would ever come close to what I had seen on the screen… Read More

Anyone who has ever seen me try to nail together two-by-fours knows that when it comes to construction work, I should be kept far, far away from even building a doghouse. Luckily, when I talk about building my platform, I’m talking about enhancing my ability to successfully market my writing to potential buyers, not about building a physical structure. Of course, the first thing in marketing is to have something to market,… Read More

Today was the 3rd Annual “Write In the Valley” Event in Sumner, WA. Jason Black and Janna Cawrse-Esarey were scheduled to be there, and since this event was very close to home, it was something I didn’t want to miss.  I enjoy getting together with other writers and talking about writing. Sometimes you learn something new. Sometimes it’s a great opportunity to expand your network. Sometimes you get a genuine surprise. Today… Read More

As an exercise for one of my writing groups, we put together short stories which took a a character archetype, and had them do something completely out of character. For instance, I could have written about a fireman who liked to start fires, or a bartender that didn’t drink. When I sat down to write (the day before the assignment was due, of course), I didn’t have anything I could think of… Read More

Cut, Paste, Kill is the fourth book in Marshall Karp’s Lomax and Biggs series. My wife and I have read the other three, we really looked forward to this new one when we heard it was coming out. Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are police detectives in Hollywood, where even the murder scenes of their latest case have special effects. Okay, not special effects so much, as bizarre clues… mementos left by… Read More

Back in 1997 I was living in Colorado, and I routinely drove from Boulder to to Westminster, a short trip that involved a rather notorious interchange. At certain times of the year, drivers coming off this particular off ramp had to stare directly into the setting sun while attempting a rather difficult merge with heavy, fast moving traffic. That interchange inspired me to write a short story I called Off Ramp, which… Read More

Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld, is the second book in the Leviathan Trilogy. I reviewed the first book, Leviathan back in January of this year, and the third book in the series, Goliath, will be released on September 20th, just two short weeks from now. Behemoth picks up where Leviathan left off. Deryn Sharp is a girl acting as a boy midshipman on the airship Leviathan, a strange beast of a craft, filled… Read More