Writing Update–February 19, 2011

I wrote one chapter this week.  In a book I had already finished.  Okay, it’s not done, however I didn’t think I’d be writing entirely new chapters for Army of  the Risen.  But after cutting out four entire chapters, I wrote a new one.  I also edited a bit this week, and am about 40% through this pass now.  Hopefully the rest of  the book goes faster, because it’s taking an absurdly long time to do each chapter.

I’ve also been handicapped by an extremely unusual schedule this week.  Both of my kids have been sick and I had dental work done.  And when I say my kids have been sick, it’s the kind of sick that has you up from two in the morning till lunch with a barf bucket in hand waiting on the next projectile vomit.  My son is almost recovered after 7 days, and we thought my daughter was, but she resume her upchucking ways yesterday (day 5 for her), and we just hope she can keep the food done.  And that dental work I had done?  Two crowns and a filling.  What a great week.

So I only rode the train in twice this week, and with missing so much work, I spent my home time working instead of writing.  Next week promises to be better.  And now I’m two book reviews behind (and soon to be a third) if I don’t start cranking them out.

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