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Daily Archives: September 5, 2010

A few years ago, my then girlfriend (now my wife) recommended I read this writer named Janet Evanovich.  I started with the first book in the the Stephanie Plum series, and worked my way through.  I think book 8 was out around that time.  The characters were funny and engaging and the dialog witty.  Sure some of the scenes were a little hard to believe, but hey, I don’t think it was… Read More

Scalzi has done it again with Zoe’s Tale.  He throws us back into the universe he created for The Last Colony and shows us the world from through the eyes of John and Jane Perry’s seventeen year old adopted daughter Zoe Boutin-Perry. There is nothing not to like about this story, and if my previous reviews of Scalzi’s work haven’t already convinced you to go out and read his books, you are… Read More