Getting back to Normal

The kids were starting to feel better last night.  How do we know this?  They’ve got enough energy to get into trouble.

Prior to them being sick, we always closed their bedroom door at night so they couldn’t wander around the house, and so that little noises like a squeaky floor board right outside their door wouldn’t wake them up.  But when they got sick, we left the door open so we could hear them better.  They were sick, so they made no attempt to close the door again.

Last night, we left the door open and put them to bed.  We had a service guy over to deal with some wasps nests outside the garage, and Lisa wanted him to check the bathroom fan vent to make sure there wasn’t a nest there.  So I took him upstairs, and lo and behold, there was Reece, quietly standing at the top of the stairs.  I put him back to bed.

A while later, I had to run back upstairs.  I noticed the door to their room was open wider than what I left it, and sure enough, their was no Reece in his bed.  I found him sitting in the rocking chair in our room, presumably getting ready to watch Elmo on the TV in our room.  They’ve watched a lot of TV during the last week they’ve been sick.  I think he’s getting a little too used to it.

While I was outside with the ‘Bug relocation expert’, apparently Lisa had two more visits from the little tyke exploring his new found freedom.  Hopefully they get used to it soon, and just go to sleep.

It’s going to be a scorcher here today, so it’s unlikely that they will get much time outside even if they are healthy enough to go.  Which means more Elmo, more Thomas the Train, more Fire Trucks (the TV show Emergency from the 1970s).

It could be worse.

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