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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Guest blogger: Lisa So, I have been trying to keep up with posting pictures of the little ones for those of you who, while love to hear about Joe and I, are really here for baby updates. I am happy to support this, but I just have to make a note that posting pictures of the little ones is more difficult that you might think. Exhibit 1 – most of our pictures… Read More

My reviews of a few books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched lately. * = stars The Good: Movie: Ice Station Zebra. ***** Very good movie made in 1968 starring Rock Hudson. This movie has been on my list since someone recommended it to me back in high school. Thanks to NetFlix for helping me to locate it. Think Cold War, nuclear submarines and a race to the north pole. Movie: A… Read More

Reece is either going to be a politician or a salesman. He loves to talk from his truck. Reece hasn’t learned yet not to fall for my traps. We had a great time at the zoo, watching the Otters. This is just a cute video of Lorelai waving I can’t believe I got this on video. Pretty funny stuff.