Photo Woes

Guest blogger: Lisa

So, I have been trying to keep up with posting pictures of the little ones for those of you who, while love to hear about Joe and I, are really here for baby updates. I am happy to support this, but I just have to make a note that posting pictures of the little ones is more difficult that you might think.
Exhibit 1 – most of our pictures look like this:

I like to think the quality of this picture (or lack there of) is due to the fact that our kids are just lightening fast. Or, I’d really like to blame it on our not so stellar digital camera (it was purchased with travel in mind, not constant motion kids). I’m certain it has nothing – at all – to do with operator error. No way.
Anyway Exhibit 2 – most of our other pictures look like this:

Yes, Reece is trying to get the camera. We have 30 million pictures of one or the other in this pose. In fact most of our videos end this way as well. It’s as if they think they can do a much better job at this picture taking thing than we can. Given Exhibit 1, they may be on to something, but an up the nostrils picture half obscured by the outstretched hand, is not really fantastic photography.
Then there are the pictures that are a lovely blend of Exhibit 1 and 2, witness…Exhibit 3:

Now that is top-notch photography. That all said, I do aim to persevere and keep taking a multitude of pictures hoping for a few good ones. If that fails, I believe Auntie Cindy is planning on visiting in a month or so, and she takes MUCH better pictures. Meanwhile, here are a few recent ones that didn’t turn out half bad:
Reece in a box:

And because one is not enough… Don’t you just love the kicked back chugging on the water pose?!
Lorelai enjoys sitting in the box as well – when her brother finally gets out.

Ok, this one is evidence of a bad parenting moment. I paused to take a picture instead of rescuing my son from the drawer that he got himself stuck in.

Here I’m distracting Reece from climbing on the coffee table by looking through it.

Lorelai with basket hat:

Here are two with Daddy’s smiling mug included in the fray:

And, last but not least, Lorelai about to go for the camera, of course.

One Comment on “Photo Woes

  1. Joe and Lisa, the babies are SO CUTE! I miss hearing the stories..How the heck are you guys?from Joe’s friend at Alaska, Toofless Granny. (Otherwise known as Karen H.)

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