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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Okay, I’ve been remiss in posting this, but here is our flickr site. Permanent link on the side bar Tale of 2

We took a trip to the local photography studio last weekend. Here are the proofs. You can order photos from the site if you want to. The pictures will be up for 2 weeks, then they’ll be gone.

Okay, some recent happenings Reece has really got his walking down as evidenced by this and this At Halloween, our kids decided they wanted to be a pumpkin and a pirate. Reece might try rowing his way to fame and fortune. And Reece always must be the star of the show

Some Halloween shots and others

After many months of constant drool, fingers in the mouth, grumpy behavior and sleepless nights, I’ve finally figured out that it’s the kids that should be constantly drooling, putting their fingers in their mouths, being grumpy and not sleeping through the night, not me. Yes, the first teeth have arrived. Reece popped one on Sunday, and a second one on Monday, both on the lower jaw. And not to be outdone by… Read More

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by technology that is supposed to make your life easier. If I was to really spend some time with my cell phone, I’m sure I would find out that it does a lot more than make / receive phone calls. Sure, it takes pictures, but I have absolutely no idea how to get those photos off the phone. These days, my pet project is getting a… Read More

Yes, an entire entry on my blog with nary a picture. I decided to go with the a thousand words builds a picture theory. As in a picture of what’s going on in my life these days. I can’t go back to the last blog entry I did and recap every moment, but here’s a few high / low lights First of all, I’m on call this week for work, which makes… Read More