Changing of the guard

There haven’t been a lot of updates to the blog recently, because, well, not a lot goes on with the babies these days, besides sleeping eating and pooping. Their wakeful periods are more wakeful, and they are beginning to interact a bit with us, and each other if we put them close together on the floor.

Reece is very sensitive to loud or high pitched noises. We were watching the Oscars on Sunday night, and Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson were performing the songs from ‘DreamGirls‘. The TV wasn’t even that loud, but he started to cry and put his hands over his ears. Then he calmed down, and, when I pulled his hands down, he was fine until they hit the next high note, then the hands went back to his ears. Sorry, Beyonce, he may not be a fan.

We are taking pictures, but we’re having problems with our camera not downloading to the PC. It worked for a while, but now we get errors with the device not being recognized. We’ve had this camera for a couple of years, and had this problem on and off, then it will start working again. I’ll mess around with it this weekend and see if I can get it to work.

Lisa’s mother, Marcia, headed back to Ephrata today, braving a snowy Snoqualmie pass in an attempt to go back to work. We made sure she had lots of food, water, blankets, and nice bottle of Chianti should things turn really desperate (Silence of the Mountain Goats maybe?).

Lisa’s sister, Lori, arrived in town on Tuesday night, fresh off a plane from Bosnia, via Scotland and Newark. She’s on Bosnian time right now, which makes her the ideal person to handle the 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM baby holding.

As for me, I’m at work right now, trying to get ready for the change to daylight saving time, which occurs a month earlier this year. You’d think we’d be ready months ago for this, but we’ll just squeeze it in under the wire. I’ve heard that some companies are in even worse shape, so March 11 should be interesting.

I’m scheduled to take a week off work from March 19-23 to get some more quality baby time and tocatch up on projects around the house. I’m looking forward to it, as it is really hard to leave those kids every morning. I’m pretty attached to them, and I can’t wait to get home every night and change a diaper or two (three in Reece’s case)

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