Joe Beernink


Today is the fourth anniversary of the day I had my first symptoms of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It now seems like a very long time ago. A lot has happened. For many months I blogged frequently about everything I went through in my battle, and to this day, those entries are still among the most popular on my blog. There’s good and bad in that. The bad is that people still need to… Read More

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my first moments with Guillian-Barre Syndrome—an odd tingling in my fingers and my lips that, within the next 24 hours, would spread throughout my body. Within 36 hours, I was in critical care, facing a long, difficult road to recovery. When I pointed out to my wife that we were approaching this anniversary, she said “We’re not going to celebrate it, are we?” No, we’re… Read More

Month two of returning to work was much easier than month one—at least from a Guillain-Barre perspective. Since my office building is undergoing renovations, I was only required to make the trip into the city twice a week instead of four times a week. That saved me a ton of energy, and allowed my body to recover from the exertions of the first month. Unfortunately, I also came down with a very… Read More