Diane Les Becquets at University Books in Bellevue

Author Diane Les Becquets was at University Books in Bellevue for a reading tonight and gave those of us in attendance us a wonderful reading from her new book BREAKING WILD, a story of a woman lost in the wilds of Colorado and the female ranger who attempts to find her. When I read the blurb, I thought, this book is right up my alley. She was a delight to listen to and I can’t wait to read her book… which, by the way, is now at the top of the stack I wrote about on Sunday.

She was also nice enough to request a copy of NOWHERE WILD as well… so I guess we’re now the Wild Bunch? Or maybe not. Anyway, here we are:

2016-02-16 18.58.42

And oh yes, like I said, I can’t go into a bookstore and buy just one book. I also bought Chris Hadfield’s AN ASTRONAUT”S GUIDE TO LIFE ON EARTH—because Chris and I practically grew up neighbors (well, in the same county), and I‘ve been meaning to get his book for a long time, and it was just sitting there on a shelf, calling out to me…. Bookstores see me coming a mile away.

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