Nowhere Wild Launch Party Recap

Launching your debut novel is (by definition) a once in a lifetime event, and what a thrill it was! How do I describe all the emotions?

Should I start with walking in to University Books in Seattle and seeing this for the first time?


Or should I talk about giving my first speech at a book event? Pam Binder did a great job of introducing me, and after a few moments, my nerves settled down, and I was able to talk about the process and the book. At least I think that’s what I talked about. It’s all kind of a blur now.


Then we moved on the my first book signing. My friends Mike and Stina got the first signed copies this night.


I gave away some door prizes as well, with New York Times Best-Selling Author Kevin O’Brien, and PNWA President Pam Binder looking on.


Then signed some more books, including some for my friend Scottland and his nephew Shayne.


Then, we wound up the fantastic evening with my family close by.


What a great night!

One Comment on “Nowhere Wild Launch Party Recap

  1. Exciting !Wish we could have been there Joe. Miss you all. Am halfway through Nowhere Wild.

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