A Day Trip

I took a trip into Toronto today where I met up with Rachel Letofsky from The Cooke Agency. We headed over to Yonge and Bloor and up to the HarperCollins offices on the 20th floor. We were grandly welcomed by a sign in the lobby. How cool is this?


Hadley Dyer (not pictured) led us on a tour of the office, where we met many of the folks diligently working on many projects, including Nowhere Wild, which was just being sent to type-setting when we arrived. (Again, how cool is that?) It hit me this morning, while there, that “Holy cow, this is actually happening!”

I managed to snap a shot of Yonge Street from one of their conference rooms. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been in Toronto, and it seems so much bigger. It absolutely sprawls, in every direction, even up. Seattle is big. Toronto is massive.


After the meet and greet, we went out for celebratory lunch (as we in the publishing industry do), to talk about the book and things to come as we approach the launch date. Nothing is written in stone at this point (besides the launch date which is set for August 25th in both US and Canada), but we covered a lot of ground, and it was a very productive and enjoyable meeting.

I’m rather exhausted after 7 hours of driving today, so it may take me a day or so to recover, but hey, this was a really cool experience, and I had to share. G’night!

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