Board Game Recommendation: Ticket To Ride

TicketToRideI first heard about “Ticket To Ride” via Wil Wheaton’s wonderful show, Table Top. (see video below). Wil and his gang looked to be having so much fun playing this game, that I had to have it. We ordered it last week and got it on Friday.

The kids (who are 5 1/2 years old) couldn’t wait to play it. We worried they were perhaps a bit young, and at first the game was a bit over their heads. We left all the cards face up, and my wife and I helped them with their strategy quite a bit. But by the end of the first game—which took about 3 hours spread over two days—they pretty much had grasped all the major concepts. My son had grasped them so well, he kicked my ass, and I finished last.

We all had a great time playing it, and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to play it again. It would probably play a bit faster with slightly older kids so you don’t have to try to play three hands at once, but it is still fun for kids who are tired of simple games like Uno. This would also absolutely be fantastic to play with 4-5 adults. Now we just have to find some that want to play it with us.

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