Where’s Joe?

I’m right here. No, really. I am. I haven’t really gone anywhere. I’ve been here the whole time. I just couldn’t write. Why is that? Well…

I’ve been working on a pro-bono software development project for the PNWA, prototyping a system to eliminate those long lineups at the PNWA conference for Agent / Editor and Pitch doctor sign ups. Work on it has gone pretty well, and I’ll be documenting the project on my technical blog very soon. If you are a PNWA Member (or related to one) and a .NET developer, and want to contribute to the effort of building the conference management system, let me know. There’s lots still to do.

Working on that system did suck up all of my spare time over the last two weeks, and I am way behind on my blogging. Don’t worry, I’ve got a ton of book reviews to do, and they should be coming out soon.

Yes, I’ve had time to read, but not write. Why is that? Because I dislocated my left shoulder last Wednesday, and typing one handed on anything but software code is extremely hard. I started rehabbing it on Sunday, and I just got in from my daily workout. The shoulder is wrapped in ice now, and out of the sling, so I can actually get back to this writing thing.  How did I dislocate it? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Unless you really knew me. Then you would totally believe it.

What’s that? Yes, I was supposed to have surgery last week on my foot.  That’s now been put off until October. I’ll get just enough time to recover from my shoulder, and then I get to be laid up with my foot for another six weeks. My wife is very understanding tolerant.

As planned, I haven’t been working on any books this summer, but I have a lot of work to do, starting as soon as I get caught up on my blogging. And I have two writing deadlines coming up very quickly that I have to hit as well. That’s not procrastination. It’s prioritization. Come September, it’s back to the grind on the books. Another edit. More polishing. Back to my writers groups. Back at it, in a big way.

So anyway, if you have missed me, I apologize (and yippee! Someone besides my mom is reading this!) Barring another tragic accident, the content here should be fairly regular for the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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