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Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

  It didn’t take me long to get around to reading Stieg Larsson’s second book in his Millennium series, The Girl Who Played with Fire. It’s a long book at over 600 pages, and continues the story of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, revealing more of Salander’s history amidst a new, controversial and dangerous story that finds its way into Blomkvist’s hands. If you liked the first book in this series, you… Read More

A new year, and a new book.  I started the actual writing of my newest book this morning.  The working title is Labeled.  This is another example of how bad I am at picking titles.  I won’t hold it against anyone if they think this name is ridiculous.  It’s a working title – so I have something to call the MS Word file when I save it, and something to call it… Read More