US Publication Date for Nowhere Wild!

I just received an note from my editor at HarperCollins Canada that the US launch date for my debut novel, Nowhere Wild, will be February 23, 2016! This is almost exactly six months after the Canadian release date of August 25th, 2015 I’ve blogged about previously.

This is obviously huge news, and I am absolutely thrilled!

Why the delay in the US? Lots of reasons, and none of which I have any worries about (marketing, buying cycles, etc.) But if the book really does well in Canada, word of mouth should give it a big boost come February and the momentum can build from there.

I’ll blog more on this (and many other things) in the coming days. I’ve got an editing deadline on Nowhere Wild of next Monday, and will be heads down until that pass is done. But I just couldn’t wait to share this news!

One Comment on “US Publication Date for Nowhere Wild!

  1. Great news Joe. love from both of us. Hope you’ve all recovered from the move on Saturday.


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